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Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

One of the best Recruitment Agency for one stop HR Solutions, based out of Bangalore, however providing our services to Pan India on all the verticals into across Industry.

Sann Consulting is able to provide resource on Permanent staffing, Contract Staffing and Executive Search Hiring.  

In Order to meet the committed timeline without getting affected on quality part, Sann Consulting has got dedicated resources for particular Industry. We ensure all possible sources are touched to get the best resources and provide ample of choices to our customers to choose the best.

Our Team has got years of Experience in fetching Executives to fit your Organization Demand. 


recruitment consultancy

We have got Plenty of Quality Resources within India to Deploy organization demand on all Major Technologies. Reach Us for More Information on our Contract Staffing Services.

areas of expertise
Areas of Expertise
Why Sann Consulting?
why sann consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Recruitment Consultancy?

Recruitment Consultancy acts between Job Seekers and Hiring Companies to save organization cost and saves candidates hunting time.

Does it Provide Resources on Contract Staffing?

Yes, it has lot of resources on Bench and can deploy resources as per the requirement

Does it Charges anything to Job Seekers?

No, It won’t charge anything to the job seekers

What are the benefits of hiring from recruitment consultancy?

Recruitment consultancy helps in analyzing, educating and preparing the candidate to attend the interview as per the client requirement and quality expected.

How It gets benefitted when it won’t charge job seekers?

We Charge Nominal Service Fee to Employers for Providing Quality and Efficient Resources who helped in their organization success.

Which sector does SANN consulting help in hiring?

As a Consultancy, assists on both IT and Non IT Requirements.